Shiro Buta Reijou Chapter 134

Chapter 134 -White Pig Young Lady, Troubled


While I was embarrassed by the awful sound of my neck, Ryuze spoke to me.


[…Britney, are you tired?]

[No, I think my body has grown dull. Even so, onii-sama… how did I help you?]


Hearing those words, Ryuze had an unusual expression. It was a valuable face that’s rarely seen.


[I was mentally cornered when you regained your memories. After I finished my education at the capital city and returned home, the Hakusu household was full of debts. The territory management was sloppily done, ojii-sama was swindled, you and my parents lived fraudulently, and the maids’ quality was the lowest. Even so, nobody moved to improve the situation, no one had the interest.]



It was quite the terrible situation. If it was me, I would’ve escaped back to the capital city.

Such a teenager carried the burden of Hakusu earldom by himself. It was an abnormal situation.


[I have been pressured mentally and physically, and you invented soap using your knowledge from you previous life in such situation. So, first the Hakusu’s financial situation and my mind were saved. Also, when I collapsed after my body was at its limit, didn’t you nurse me to health? I had no other companion like that.]

[Since you collapsed in front of my eyes, of course I would nurse you. Especially since onii-sama was still desperate to do your work.]

[Un. If I continued, I would break my body and I wouldn’t be here anymore.]

[That is…]


In the manga, Ryuze was probably not alive.

When the northern country attacked, his body reached its limit and he died. Although it was not described in detail, it was explained in the dialogue.


[That’s why, Britney.]


I was sitting on the bench, but I got lifted up by Ryuze and he sat me between his knees.


[I think that you’re very important to me and I love you from my heart.]


Ryuze hugged me, a mass of fat covered in sweat, as if I was something precious.

After being told that, I couldn’t help but to be convinced with his feelings.

My cousin liked me as a woman, not as a family.


[Onii-sama, I…]

[So, please keep your feeling in order in half a year.]


In a quiet voice, Ryuze told me so.


(…Should I marry Ryuze-niisama?)


It would surely happen in the near future in this situation.


The sun’s position had moved and its light reached the bench where we sat.

Ryuze who saw it gently relaxed his arms that were hugging me.


[Shall we move?]



Ryuze supported me as I tried to stand up with my crutches.

I liked his kindness but I felt that it’s a little different from liking someone enough to marry him.

I couldn’t wipe that feeling.


(In any case, the deadline had been decided…)


Thanks to my diet and Ricardo last time, I managed to clear Ryuze’s proposal somehow at that time.

However, this time the difficulty was different and the deadline was in 6 months.

I couldn’t do anything by my own.


(A large achievement, it’s not something that can be done just like that.)


If it could be done even once in a lifetime, that person would be legitimately talented.


(Uwaa~! What to do, what to do!!)


While I was feeling unrest and walking around with Ryuze, Nora and Willey Reid who finished their matchmaking came out to the garden.

Willey was a perfect gentleman escort, and Nora was walking gracefully. Looking at a glance, I didn’t know whether it had gone well or not.


[Ryuze, I came to call you since our chat has ended. Did you stay outside in such a hot weather?]


Ryuze had his usual smile to his friend’s words.


[Thank you. Since the flowers that are in full bloom are beautiful, I was just walking around with Britney.]


Nora was looking at me with eyes as if saying something.

Madame Irene who finished talking with other nobles came here with a smile.


[Maa, maa, maa. Looking at it, you both have tall stature and fits well with each other.]


After that, it became a madame’s single person theater, and she kept talking all the time.

Ryuze and I were overwhelmed by her, and Nora and Willey couldn’t say anything.


(…I wonder if they’re going to proceed forward with their engagement talk. I’ll ask Nora about it later.)


Being such, Nora’s matchmaking ended successfully.


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  1. Sigh, this… Isn’t the MC actually supposed to do anything, something? Feel like an NPC character, just going with the flow. The early part of the novel was interesting, but now…

    Thanks for the chapter, I hope it wasn’t too hard on translator-sama.
    God bless you, take care, and good luck.

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  2. Thank you for the chapter!

    And pretty please continue T_T I really want to know what’s going to happen with the prince Marlow Assassination thing >-<


  3. Thank you so much for all the translation you have done for this WN, I am eternally gratefull to you, please continue with translating this WN. Cuz I really love this story and I really love you

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