Trouble Knight Chapter 4

Chapter 4

TN: This story is really hard to translate. Not only am I used to Britney’s easy grammar, it’s even harder than dining hall to translate. I gave up on Eisel’s chant. *sobs*


Eisel Yesilmen had a big problem from the time she was born.

It was the generation of magical power inside her body.


Each individual contained certain amount of magical power, and the upper limit never increased in one’s lifetime. However, there was an exception of a person who was able to absorb some magical power that drifted in the air, and their upper limit was able to infinitely increase, an existence that was akin to a miracle.


Eisel had the ability to convert a person’s good will into her own magical power.

It was the same power of blessing that the female saint ▪▪▪▪ {TN: censored, it’s like that in the raw} of ancient time possessed, she was also said to be a container that was able to contain infinite amount of magical power, a defective holy grail.


Normally, the abilities of magical power generation and holy grail were born as a set.

If there was no magical power generation ability, there was no problem even if one was only born with the holy grail ability, but if it was the opposite case, then it had a great influence on that person’s life.


There was not much magical power that a person’s body could contain.

If magical power continued to increase with the generation ability, they would not be able to take it and would be driven to madness.


Eisel, who was not born with the holy grail ability, was established to continue accumulating magical power, so she was imposed with magic skill item with intense magical power consumption.


Such a life was tough on her.

It was said that if she felt a person’s good intentions, the magical power within her body would increase, so she must wield her sword to consume it.

It was only her family members with knowledge of magic that could touch her body with overflowing magical power.


However, an unbelievable sight occurred in front of her.


Even when touching Eisel, there was a man who could endure the magical power.


Isset Sennet.

Red; the colour of the eyes with demonic power that he hid.


He stood out even in the eight knight platoon; he was a person who hid behind the guise of a problem child.

Those red eyes were usually only halfway opened, but sometimes they showed a glaring radiance.


Just like the current Isset.


Eisel tried to shake off his hand that was grasping hers, but her strength was no match against him.


[You, what kind of being are you!?]


Her words couldn’t reach him anymore. When she tried to draw her sword to resist him, her magical sword was easily seized and thrown away and her body was then sewn to the door.


When she clenched her teeth and looked up at Isset, she couldn’t discern any human will in his expression.


Her hand that was gripped for a long time was released, but it dangled without any power.

Except for her hand, she was so rigid that it was impossible for her to move well.


She glared at Isset as she didn’t know what to do, but her cheek was gently stroked and her skin got goosebumps.


[Those are fascinating demon eyes.] {TN: I changed from magic eye to demon eye since it’s more appropriate.}


Eisel muttered as if laughing. Naturally there’s no reply from the other party.


Fortunately, her will and her face were not controlled.

It seemed that her subordinate had forgotten that she could use magic.


Isst was playing with Eisel’s golden hair.


Mysteriously, while her hair was gently touched as if being combed, Eisel regained her calm.

Fuu, she breathed in and out, and activated the magical power in her body with her will.


As if whispering, she lowered her voice and softly spun her words.


—Birthed from the frozen soil, the dry wind and the Winter Emperor’s northern wind. With the cold, cold swing, many things shall be frozen entirely. {TN: It’s the best I can translate it to.}


The words spun by Eisel served to develop the magic.

When her magical power and her voice were combined, the technique formula was linked and the temperature in the break room rapidly dropped.


The use of magic required an “aria” to aid the composition of the technique and a “magic tool” to release the magical power from inside the body, but the magical sword that she used instead of the staves that other magicians usually used was on the floor.


Magic tools with many spell engravings were absolutely necessary to develop magic in a short time.


However, on Eisel’s body, various kinds of technique formula were inscribed just in case of emergencies.

The spells on her body helped to supplement the help of magic manifestation.


When the aria was over, a large magic circle appeared between Eisel and Isset, and everything in the room with the exception of the spellcaster was frozen.


Eisel whose body became free sank down on the spot while exhaling a white breath.


She was relieved that she managed to escape the crisis.




Lightly, when he opened his eyes, he saw a canopy that he didn’t recognize.

Absent-mindedly, he wondered why he was lying on such a gorgeous bed.


[Yaa, it seems that you’re awake.]



He became fully awake when he was called out.

When he got up and looked at the owner of the voice, he saw a smiling man with a moustache. {TN: I’m not sure if it’s a moustache or beard, the kanji is same. Since he’s still young, I think a moustache is more likely.}


[You are Isset Sennet are you not?]

[Where —?]


When he looked up, he saw a man with a golden moustache and a middle-aged man wearing silver glasses.

They were good-looking, but Isset didn’t recognize them.


[Aa, welcome to our house! Should I say that I wonder.]



The man respectfully greeted him while nodding his head.


[Welcome to the house of Yesilmen dukedom.]



Yesilmen dukedom. This was the house of Isset’s boss.

He tried to remember why he was here, but the last thing he could remember was changing his clothes in the break room.


[How am I here?]

[You were brought here while being encased in ice.]



He couldn’t digest the circumstances well, and he glared at the man with the moustache.


[By the way, I haven’t introduced myself yet.]


He was interested in the man’s true identity since some time ago. He was wondering if he was familiar or not.


However, he was surprised to hear his name.


[My name is Aydin Yesilmen. Eisel’s, your boss, older brother.]


Isset gazed at him in wonderment when he heard his full name. Since his features resembled Eisel’s, he now knew why he looked familiar.


Furthermore, when he heard the circumstances on why he was brought here, he began trembling.


[Now, there’s something I want to listen to.]



Since he was cornered by the circumstances, it was meaningless to keep it a secret.

The opponent was a magician and someone connected to the royal family. There was no escape.


Isset, who had given up, told him all he knew.


[I see, an incubus huh.]


Aydin had the knowledge on the demon known as incubus.


[Incubus is a kind of demon that was summoned in the past; it’s a creature that’s capable of extracting magical power from a human’s vitality.]


Since their existence was of lower position among the demons, a skilled magician could summon them relatively easily.


[They seem to be useful in collecting magical power in ancient times.]


Ancient magic, which was once said to create an impact on the world, require tremendous amount of magical power.

During such times, Aydin said that many incubuses would do their secret maneuvers in the city during the night.


[Incubus has beautiful appearance.]


In order to steal the magical power, they made the other party to have a dreamy state of mind.


[Compared to that folklore, you are — fufu.]


As he pointed out that Isset was not like an incubus, his smile widened.

Isset found it unsatisfactory and wrinkled his eyebrows.


[In modern time, summoning them is illegal since it’s forbidden magic. And yet, your mother encountered an incubus. Besides, how can there be a child of demon when it’s said that they are incapable of reproducing. Those are mysteries.]


Aydin told him about all the information about incubus that he knew.

However, even if he had such knowledge, it still didn’t change the present condition.


[Maa, separate from all that, you have a disappointing appearance, so no one would realize that you’re an incubus, that’s the reality.]


Certainly, and Isset also agreed. If he was a good-looking guy, women would present themselves with delight.


[That’s right, your eyes have a strange characteristic.]


The demonic eye of fascination.

Aydin said that it had the abilities to captivate women he encountered and erase their memory after the sexual act.


[Do you know about it?]

[N, no, that’s, that power…]

[The truth please. Usually, you don’t possess any magical power in you just like now.]



It seemed that all talks were over, Aydin was sitting on the chair beside the bed and drank the prepared water.


[—That’s right.]


It was his imagination that he thought that the chat was over.

Aydin erased his gentle smile and said the words.


[Our family wants to use you.]


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