Troubled Knight Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Eisel went to the dining room after a long absence.

Since she did not usually appear at the dining table, her family looked at her in surprise.


[Eisel, has something happened?]

[Somehow, I just feel like eating.]

[Is, is that so.]


While having a conversation with her mother, she sat down on the chair that was pulled by a servant and was then serviced.


The breakfast items were soup made from strained boiled beans that were mixed with milk and assortment of vegetables, baked smoked meat, and freshly baked bread.





After offering a prayer before the meal, she grabbed the bread on the plate.

The bread was rich in butter, and the surface was crispy and shiny in luster.

The granulated sugar scattered over it gave it a sweet and fragrant smell.

It was semicircular in shape, and it was made by stretching and kneading the dough many times, so the layered dough had a crisp and light texture, it was something that was made in an extremely elaborate way.



Eisel tasted the bread.




Unfortunately, it had no taste no matter how much she ate it.

Besides rather than making her stomach upset, it felt as if her body was heavy and made her sick.

Since she was with her family, she forced herself to eat.


Eisel went to work while dragging her body that didn’t feel complete.


Her magician brother Aydin speculated that such phenomenon might be caused by excessive intake of magic.

Although it was not yet clarified by research about whether food contained a slight amount of magical power or not, it had been reasoned like that.


People ate and slept in order to store the magical power consumed in their daily lives.

Aydin’s personal idea was that Eisel didn’t need those since she had more than enough magical power.

Since no precedent like her had existed in a long time, it was said to be impossible to give a clear answer.


She drove a horse to the knight’s garrison.


After leaving her favourite horse at the stable, she walked through the corridor quickly, she was thinking while listening to the bell that told her that she was a little late to work.

When she arrived at the office, she saw Isset, the new adjunct, who had already come and was sitting on his office chair.


When she greeted him, only a light nod was returned.

She had no enthusiasm to teach manners to her impolite subordinate that day.

She sat on her chair silently and began organizing the documents.


Suddenly, she was troubled by that morning’s bread.

Before work started, Isset wasn’t busy.


However, Eisel, who never had a deep relationship with others, wondered how to start daily conversations with her subordinate.


In some of the platoons that she was placed in up to now, others only talked about what they thought and what they were interested in.

As a result, impertinent guys became the seeds of fight, and her numerous opponents petered out.


In addition, only sword skill was supposed to establish one’s position in the knight corps regardless of their status and other things.

However, with the knight leader as her father and the king as her uncle, the surrounding knights felt that there was no use in arguing about her.


Until now, it was normal for nobody to care if she was isolated in her squad.

Givanju Chelik, who had spent many years as a knight, felt like air since they were so far apart in age, which was 14 years, that they seemed more like father and child when he accompanied her like a shadow.

There were few words exchanged between the two of them.


Therefore, without Eisel’s emotions being able to grow, she was already 28 years old.


[—The morning duty is over.]


Without being able to talk about the bread, she just talked about the contents of work and acted separately from Isset.


Listening to the noon bell, Eisel stretched her back.

Since there was training in the afternoon, she thought that if she used her magic sword, her body would feel a bit better.


She organized the schedule for that afternoon in her head, and the placed her hand on her jaw while thinking on what to do from then.


That day, unlike usual, she brought bread from her home.

Somehow, she thought that it might had a different flavor if she ate it there as lunch, but she had no motivation to eat due to that morning.


On her desk was a smoked meat and vegetable sandwich.


Just looking at it, she didn’t feel like eating it.


When she exhaled a big sigh, the door of the office opened at that moment.

When their eyes met, they mutually said “Ah!” together.


It was her adjunct Isset who came without knocking.

He reported that he had returned from his task, and Eisel said “it must be tiring” to her subordinate.


Since he went out with his bag, she was careless and thought that he would not be back at lunchtime.

Isset, who sat down on the sofa, took out the bread he brought from home and ate it expressionlessly.

When he finished eating the small nutty bread, he noticed Eisel who was glaring at her lunch.


[Are you going to eat it?]


[You’ve been staring at it with hollow eyes since a while ago.]


She was pointed out and had a bitter expression.

Although she could spontaneously put yesterday’s bread into her mouth, it was strange that she couldn’t do it that day.


Eisel decided to raise her courage and consulted with Isset.


[I ate bread this morning, but it wasn’t delicious. I thought it would be different if I eat it at noon, but I don’t have any appetite.]


To such Eisel, Isset offered to swap their lunches.


[Is it okay?]

[Maa, it’s fine.]

[I’m grateful.]


Inside the bag that was handed over, it was the same crescent shaped bread the one she had that morning,

It was less lustrous compared to the one from her house and no sugar was sprinkled on it.


However, she thought that it would be delicious somehow.


She looked at the bread and turned it over and over, and thought it was rude, she thought that it was inferior to what she ate at home.

She thought too much that she didn’t offer her pre-meal prayer before she ate the bread.


However, it was good the moment she bit into the bread.


Isset said that it was the leftover bread from yesterday.

Therefore, although the texture was not as crispy due to the passage of time, the soft textured layers had a somewhat sweet and gentle taste.


[This, why?]


Why was it delicious?

There was no one who knew the answer to the question she asked.


After work, she went to the bakery downtown with the help of the map Isset drew, but she didn’t make it there after getting lost in the maze-like path.

The sun had set, and since she was lost, she was collected by the servant that was sent from her home.

She handed over the map and ordered them to guide her, but the bakery was already closed.


The next morning, Eisel prepared to go out in the morning.

She went to the bakery ran by Isset’s family.

She called the servant who came to pick her up last night to guide her, but it was pointed out that there was a problem of her dressing up as a noblewoman.


[Anoo, ojou-sama, that appearance, you’ll stand out in the downtown~.]

[Is that right?]

[E? Ee.]


The servant she brought was a girl who worked in the kitchen.

Last night, she was ordered to search for Eisel since she was familiar with the geography of the downtown area.

The servant who was ignorant to courtesy stated her opinion to her ojou-sama.


[If so, what should I do?]



The girl tilted her neck as she didn’t understand the old-fashioned wordings.

A maid who was behind them explained what she meant.


[Then, I, that’s not it, I can lend you my cloak?] {TN: the first I is atashi which is more informal, while the second I is watashi which is more formal.}


The wording was unbecoming, “what are you talking about”, the two of them gazed at the servant girl with such an implication in their looks.

The girl who noticed their sharp gazes was startled and swallowed.


Eisel noticed that the girl shrank after worrying about their expressions, and she then ordered her to lend her cloak.


If she wore the hooded cloak that she borrowed and brought along a worn-out basket, Eisel would blended well with the people in the bustling downtown area.


She thought that it would be suspicious if they travelled silently, so she ordered the servant girl named Ferha to talk with her.


[A, the pastries in this shop are really delicious~.]



Eisel, who was secretly concerned about being called smelling like an old woman by Isset, was very interested in what a young girl would talk and care about.


Hearing Ferha’s stories, she thought that she understood.

She was convinced that she was different from the other women.


Popular romance novels, a good-luck charm for love, the hair ornament she found in town that she couldn’t buy due to its high price.

The topic changed from time to time, but they were all new to Eisel, so it felt fresh listening to her.


While listening to Ferha’s stories, they arrived at the destination.


[A, there it is.]


The bakery, which occupied the first floor of a two-story building, was in a quiet area with few people around in the downtown area.

A plain signboard that was suspended was shaking while creaking loudly due to the wind.


[Ojou-sama, you wish to shop here?]

[A, aa.]


It was so quiet that she asked Ferha to check whether it was open or not.


As she looked into the shop from the window, she then reported to Eisel.


[It’s alright~. There’s bread, and there’s a clerk who is a young man that looked a bit unpopular.]



When she heard Ferha’s words, she realized that it was Isset that was manning the storefront.

That day the entire 8th knight platoon was on holiday, and it wasn’t weird even if it’s her adjunct, but she was surprised nonetheless.


[Would you like to enter the shop?]



She was facing the store for a while with a grim face, but she was seen by an old man passing by who was looking at her with suspicious eyes, so she decided to enter the store.


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