Troubled Knight Chapter 9

Chapter 9


‘Creak’, the door opened while making a heaving sound.

Inside the store, there were large display tables with several dozens of bread lined up on them.


Eisel took off the hood of the cloak and looked at the clerk’s face.




When the man’s line of sight came across her, his face showed a slight surprise.


[No way, you really came.]

[I won’t lie.]


Eisel gazed at him without hesitation while Isset’s appearance looked different from usual.

He was wearing a white shirt with a blue apron tied around his waist.

Instead of his usual disheveled hair, his bangs were neatly brushed to the side.

He wore a round, flat hat the same colour as his apron.

Rather than the usual knight dress, he had a neat personal appearance, and she smiled at the big gap.


[Ojou-sama, what do you want?]



Eisel was called from behind by Ferha.

She turned around and moved her gaze to the bread displayed on the tables.


[It’s somewhat empty.]


There were vegetable green swirl bread, bread with candied fruits, rustic barley bread, mountain shaped bread, herb bread and also tags with each name written on them, but there was almost no essential bread.







[Ano~, onii-san, is the bread being baked right now?]

[No, these are the rest of what were baked in the morning. Next batch will be around lunch time.]



Even though the current time could still be regarded as morning, Isset said that they were almost sold out.


The remaining bread was only a few loafs of bread and the large mountain shaped bread.


[Then, this—]

[Hey Isset, this, new product, can you taste?]


While Isset was pointing to mountain shaped bread, a middle-aged woman appeared from the back of the shop.

She had the same black hair as Isset and a somewhat similar-looking face.


[Oh, I’m sorry, there are customers.]


The woman laughed with the tip of her tongue out while holding an iron plate with bread.


[My, my, to think the customers are young ladies, how unusual.]


The woman who saw Eisel and Ferha spoke happily.

It was said that most customers were housewives or elderly people who lived in the neighborhood since this shop only sold bread made of generations-old recipes.


[Young people usually go to the fashionable bakeries in town.]

[Oi, it has nothing to do with them.]

[Isn’t it fine?]


She continued to talk without regarding Isset, who had become completely sullen.


[I’m sorry, but there’s only little bread left currently.]


Selling fresh bread from the time sunrise is ending had always been routine, and it was customary for people living in the area to get up early and buy.


[A, that’s right. How about eating this one?]


It was long cylindrical bread that was raised. She explained that it was mixed with nuts so that it had texture and dotted the surface like bubble wrap.



[Waa, is that alright!?]

[Ee, you’re the first lovely customers after such a long time.]



When she heard that they could sample the bread, Ferha could jump for joy.

The saleswoman laid cloth on a display table, placed the bread on it, and sliced it into thin slices.

Eisel glanced at Isset. The man who turned into a disgruntled shop clerk turned his face away as if it didn’t concern him.


[Here you go.]

[Thank you very much!]


The bread was handed over in paper as it was still fresh and hot.

Ferha said her second thank you while her eyes were shining, and then stuffed her cheeks with the bread.

Eisel who had a similar bread in her hand looked at it dazedly.


[O, it’s delicious~!]

[Maa, I’m glad.]


This was the first time she encountered this kind of sight, so she was overwhelmed.


It was impossible for her to eat while standing. Of course, there were exceptions like a standing party, but this was not the place to eat.

However, this was a manner of nobles.

This was the downtown. Eisel thought that her values wouldn’t be accepted.


While staring at the bread in hand, she tried to quickly bring the bread to her mouth, but her action stopped.


[A, wait a moment.]



The saleswoman went to the back room again.


A few minutes later, she came back with something in hand, and said “it’s delicious with this” while pointing to the bottle.



[Ha? Old woman, what did you bring!?]


The one who snapped was Isset who was pretending to be an unrelated person.

He reached out to take away the bottle that was brought out, but he was swiftly avoided.


[Oi, this old woman!]

[Don’t use such dirty words in front of the customers!]

[I said that because you’re messing around.]

[Messing around? So sorry. I never thought that you’re such a stingy child.]

[Is it a problem to be stingy!?]

[That’s the problem!?]


Since the problem was still unsettled, the saleswoman called someone from the back room.

Then, a well-built man came out and dragged away Isset’s body.


[I apologize for showing such unsightly thing.]


Eisel, who was shown the parent child interaction, lost her words without knowing how to react.

Ferha said “you both are close” as if misdirected.


The content of the bottle won from Isset was pork rillettes1.





Ferha asked what it was.


[Rillettes are made from cooking meat and edible solid fat with herbs.]



She scooped the rillettes with a spoon and offered it to Eisel.


[Just bread is not enough. I’m sorry I’m not thoughtful enough.]



Eisel was not particularly good with meat among food items.

As soon as she ate it, she would get sick and sometimes had to rest in bed.


However, she didn’t want to waste the saleswoman’s offer and held out the bread.

The rillettes, which was spread using the back of the spoon like jam, had a hint of fragrant herbs and unexpectedly did not have meaty odour.


Ferha, who ate the bread with rillettes spread on it, exclaimed that it was delicious.


Eisel also bravely carried the bread into her mouth.



[How is it?]


Crisp fragrant skin and soft savoury dough, the crunchy nutty bread was delicious.

It matched strangely well with the cold rillettes spread on it.

The meat that was boiled for a long time had condensed taste, and if chewed, the sweetness of the ingredients spread along the tongue along with the flavor of herbs.


[It’s delicious.]

[I’m glad.]


Eisel bowed her bread and said thank you.

And if it’s not bothersome, she offered to buy all the bread here.


[It’s not troublesome. This is what I say, but if the bread still remains unsold until noon, I will have to remove it.]


Feeling at ease, Eisel bought up the bread from the store.

The bread wrapped in paper by the saleswoman was then packed into a basket.


[If it’s fine with you, why don’t you take this?]



The saleswoman presented the bottle containing pork rillettes.


[Then, the price…]

[It’s fine, this is not for sale!]


In the end, she got the rillettes as a bonus.


The next morning.

It was surprising for her mother to see Eisel eating the bread she bought at downtown.


[Aren’t you no good with meat?]


Eisel nodded.


She thought what kind of delicious rillettes did the store sell, and when she tasted it after asking her daughter, she didn’t think that it was anything particularly delicious, and was disappointed by the ordinary taste.


After seeing off her daughter after the meal, the mother wracked her brain further.


Eisel, who went to work, was clearing her work.

At noon, Isset who came back from the outskirts made a face in the office.


[The other day, I was intruding.]

[No, not particularly.]


She was relieved that he was not upset that she visited the bakery.

She also told him that the bread sold at Isset’s bakery was delicious.


[If so, get a servant to come and buy. Since it’s not a store where young woman would visit.]


Separately, she thought that it was an individual’s freedom to come and buy, so Isset’s words were ignored.


[I want to ask one more question.]


[That rillettes, where can I buy it?]



Isset turned away immediately.

It was important, so Eisel repeated the same question.


[Is it confidential since it’s business?]


[That paste was wonderfully delicious.]


[The things that I can eat are just a small quantity, you know that right?]


She got closer to Eisel and asked the questions.


[It’s a superior’s order. Tell me quickly.]


After a deep sight, Isset said it.


That was something he made.


  1. Rillettes is a preparation of meat similar to pâté. Commonly made from pork, the meat is cubed or chopped, salted heavily and cooked slowly in fat, shredded, and then cooled with enough of the fat to form a paste. They are normally used as spread on bread or toast and served at room temperature.


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5 thoughts on “Troubled Knight Chapter 9

    1. doesn’t look like it… more like what that mother-son pair prepared/cooked … Isset cooked the rills while the mom baked the bread….. which could only mean one thing…that Incubus of a father of his somehow ‘tainted’ the mother with his mana or something which of course ‘tainted’ Isset since he is their son . . . . . .

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  1. His mother trying to show of his cooking skills as a potential wife. Lol
    Definitely something unusual about the food he prepares, Though so far only sign is that Eisel, who has trouble with food, likes it.
    Thanks for the chapter


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