Troubled Knight Chapter 10

Chapter 10

TN: Sorry it took me so long. Had to catch up with my work after coming back from my holiday.


In this outrageous situation, Isset Sennel had a bitter expression.


It was about the day before.

Since it was a holiday, he wanted to rest all day long, but it struck just as he turned over on his bed, his mother told him to mane the store, so he went to the store reluctantly, but unluckily, his boss, Eisel Yessilmen, came to the store.


He had no choice but to give in and thought that there was nothing to worry about if she just bought bread normally, but when his mother tried to give her the rillettes made by Isset without permission, he tried to stop her with all his might, but he didn’t manage to retrieve it and it was given to Eisel.


He thought that it would be better to pretend that he didn’t know anything the next day, but his boss just had to order him to tell where she could buy the rillettes.


[What, you, you made that?]



After showing an astonished face, Eisel lowered her head with a beautiful posture.


[Thank you. It was the first time I ever thought that meat is delicious.]

[Is that so.]


Isset turned away from Eisel who was smiling as she thanked him.

He was not aware that Eisel laughed even more at her subordinate who did not like her.




Having finished the day’s work, Isset was quick to pack up his belongings and prepared to go home.

He told Eisel that he would go first and left the office.


The medicine he got from Aydin had about 3 remaining doses.

Since it had more effect than he thought it would, he was able to spend half a month normally.


He had to give an answer, although he knew that, he was exhausted with work that he wasn’t used to doing after his sudden adjunct promotion, so all he did after he got home was eating and sleeping.


Besides, Eisel was a big problem.


Half a month ago, when he talked to Aydin, he had no personal contact with Eisel, he thought in the corner of his mind that he had no choice but to do it, now he thought that it was such an outrageous thing to do.


He could do it if he didn’t know the person, he understood it’s selfish not being able to get acquainted with the person, but it was the incubus’ special characteristic in the first place, so he made excuses for spending a night with an unknown woman.


His mind was so messed up that he couldn’t organize it.


Let’s stop thinking for today.


Isset decided that and went home.


However, life didn’t go as one thought.


[Yaa, good evening.]



Someone, or rather, Aydin and the staffs of the duke family were waiting for him even though he deliberately chose the back door so that he wouldn’t meet them.


The other person’s face couldn’t be seen well since the surroundings were dark.

The other reason was because he wore a long jacket with a deep hood.

To think that a man of fine lineage was roaming around the area.

Since he was having a hard time, he clicked his tongue.


[I’m busy today.]

[As usual~]


Contrary to the non-serious tone, the hand powerfully pulled Isset.

Although Aydin was a human specializing in research, he was taller than Isset, and the body under his magic robe had toned muscles.


[I just want to talk a little.]



He gave up since he wasn’t able to shake him off, so he followed with heavy steps.


He was taken to the basement of the Magic Institute.

He was then offered a chair in a dim office.


[Well, what do you want to talk about?]


Aydin was spying on various places, and he knew Eisel’s present condition better than anyone else.


[First of all, let me explain the bread from your family store.]

[!? Wait a minute.]

[What is it?]

[Why, or rather, are you saying that the investigation is over?]


At this time, Aydin removed the deep hood that covered his face.

Then, he lit his face with a square lamp on the table.


[Wha, you!?]


The face exposed under the hood was that of a silent odd-job employee employed for a week at Isset’s family bakery.


Aydin, who looked like a completely different person now, had shaved his beard that surrounded his jawline and had black hair.


[What did you do!?]

[What, working as an odd-job employee at your family store for a week?]



He really looked at him, but he could only see Aydin Yessilmen from that cheerful way of talking.


The man who came to work told them that he was 32 years old and was previously working at a cafeteria in a remote village.

Since he had a serious character and had a provincial accent, everyone believed him.


[What’s with that 32 years old bachelor!?]

[Haha, I just look young due to my family lineage.]


A man who came to work in a setting of being 10 years younger than his real age, Isset was greatly perplexed that he and his family had accepted him without any doubt.

Speaking of it, he remembered now.

Even his boss Eisel looked like she was 18 years old even though she was already 28.


[Hey, can we continue our talk now?]

[Have it your way!]


Aydin then started talking about the mystery of the bread that Eisel could eat deliciously.


[Well, I was moved by the scene where she was eating the bread and saying that it was delicious.]

[Wait a minute.]

[What is it now?]

[How do you know about the bread incident?]

[I saw it through my familiar’s eyes.]


After saying so, he whistled and a small brown bird flew from somewhere.

It sat on its master’s shoulder and cocked its head.


[Anymore question?]



He had a feeling that he should say something about being constantly monitored inside the office, but he lost the energy to fight again.


[So I went to your family bakery and investigated.]


He said that he discovered something surprising.


[A mysterious magic formula was laid in that house.]


[I too couldn’t understand the mechanism all that well.]



He said that Isset’s house had a magic array for absorbing magic.


[Although that there’s no clear research result yet, there is magic in everything that exists in this world. In livestock, vegetables and fruits. People lived by magic power, but I think that they are also connected to food.]

[The captain can’t eat since she can’t absorb anymore magical energy.]

[Just like that.]


But he said that the exception was made at Isset’s house.


[Because of the magical formula, the magical energy in your house’s food was completely missing.]


However, he said that the destination of the magical power absorbed by the formula was not Isset’s earring.


[Then where does the magical power go?]

[I don’t know. It’s not something that can be found out in a week’s investigation. Well, one of the reasons is because your mother is more alert than I thought.]



If she knew that the man doing the chores was a member of a duke family, wouldn’t she faint after her face turned pale?

He thought for a moment, but since his mother was a person who easily accepted that her son was an incubus, he thought that she would just unexpectedly laugh.


[Well, I also have a lot of things to think of, so I thought I’d change my mind.]

[Is that so?]


He thought that it was satisfactory, so Isset listened while narrowing his eyes.


[As I thought, I want my beautiful sister to get married.]

[That’s right. That’s normal in the noble’s society.]


For noble daughters who were forced to get married to strengthen the bond between the two houses, as a matter of course, they were required to be virgins.


[It feels sad that she would be deflowered and wouldn’t remember it.]


[As her brother, I want her to know more about happiness as a person. Seeing my little sister spending time with you, such an idea came to me.]


People would naturally smile when they eat good food.

Eisel did so too, so Aydin quietly murmured.





Aydin glanced at Isset.

The young man with the incubus’ special characteristics and magical eye of fascination was a surprisingly serious man.

He had good relationship with his family and wouldn’t play with women unless he’s out of magical energy.


In that case, he said his request.


[Will you take Eisel as your bride!?]


[She might be a woman who knows nothing but fighting, but she has an unexpectedly good body figure!!]

[What the heck are you saying, you idiotic older brother!?]

[Thank you for calling me your brother-in-law right away!]

[Wrong! That’s not what I meant!]


He tried to pull out his hands that were grabbed, but he couldn’t get loose.

He kicked him with his free leg, but he was unperturbed.


[Just go to hell!!]

[Hahaha. I’m a member of royal family, so I’m loved by spirits.]



It was amusing that Isset became foul-mouthed, so he released his hands.


[I’ll watch over you a little more.]



A bottle of pills was given to Isset.


For the time being, he had time to give an answer.


However, Aydin didn’t tell him that his watching would last for years, and Isset went back home.

TN: That became hilarious quickly. XD

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