Troubled Knight Chapter 6

Chapter 6   He went home with heavy steps. It was midday at that time. His family was busy baking bread and managing the bakery. Isset also helped the shop during holidays, but that day he stayed inside his room due to lack of motivation. He threw away the high-quality clothes that replaced his original … Continue reading Troubled Knight Chapter 6

Shiro Buta Reijou Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Superhuman Cousin’s Two Brutal Choices   Two days had passed and Nora’s matchmaking day came. Various problems had piled up, but I felt that I would be able to solve those based on what I could do.   (Everyone experienced dangers in the manga. And so, for Britney’s peace and security…!)   However, … Continue reading Shiro Buta Reijou Chapter 133

Shiro Buta Reijou Chapter 132

Chapter 132: About the Second Princess Recently TN: Happy (early) Chinese New Year! Sorry, for disappearing like that, my schedule became busier after my vacations. Still, it made me happy that you guys are still waiting for my update. :3   [Maa, Nora-sama. Welcome.]   Once inside, Maria went to prepare tea and sweets. I … Continue reading Shiro Buta Reijou Chapter 132